Lights and Vessels

This course will teach the meaning behind concepts such as Lights and Vessels, the 4 Worlds, the Sfiros, tzimtzum, klipos, chalal hapanui, shoresh v’anaf, Ohr Yashar and Ohe Chozer, and so many more. The approach will be one that will offer a practical understanding of these concepts that will make it clear how they have everything to do with our daily living. More importantly, we will learn how knowing them will help us get to be the better versions of ourselves that we aspire to become, moving in the direction of fulfilling the purpose for which HaShem created us and the world to begin with. There is a reason why it is our generation that is privileged to have a hands-on approach to Kabbalistic teachings. I am genuinely excited and looking forward to the learning we will be exploring together in this course.

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Lights and Vessels


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