Chidushei Chodesh Elul – Ohr Zarua La’Tzadik

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11 thoughts on “Chidushei Chodesh Elul – Ohr Zarua La’Tzadik”

  1. Leah Henkin says:

    It’s not clear to me how to register for this class. I had clicked on the photo and got to this page. I filled out the fields, however there’s no Submit or Register button. There’s only a Post Comment button.
    Did I miss something?

    I use a PC with Chrome.

    1. Shiviti says:

      There seems to have been a glitch. Please go again to the course page and click on the enroll button.

  2. Michal says:

    Will need the recording. And thank you!

    1. Shiviti says:

      Hi. From now on recordings will be stored on the lesson page, the same page where the zoom class took place.

  3. Malka Bergstein says:

    Looking forward!

    Tizkee Lmitzvis

  4. No sign up form that I can find. Thanks for helping us register!

    1. Shiviti says:

      Go up on this page and find and click on the ‘enroll’ button.

  5. Susan (Shoshana) Pollack says:

    I don’t have the link

    1. Shiviti says:

      What link are you referring to?

  6. I click on “get started” and nothing happens.

    1. Shiviti says:


      I’m not sure where the ‘get started’ is that you referring to. Could you supply more details? Maybe send a link?

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