Aggadata: Not Just Stories

During Elul, we will explore Talmudic teachings and anecdotes that help us to understand and experience what the Tishrei festivals were like during the time of the Second Temple.

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5 thoughts on “Aggadata: Not Just Stories”

  1. Shiviti says:

    We invite everyone to give feedback here in the comments.

  2. b7frankel says:

    I like the platform, but it would be helpful to have the dates listed. I guess they start when Elul starts?

    1. Shiviti says:

      We’re currently working on it. Should be in place soon.

  3. Tried to get in to last nights class—was unsuccessful

    1. I’m going to ask reb yisrael to be in touch with you so that he can help walk you through it. Can you access the recording in the website?

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